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Trueplane is a pioneering and innovative product designed by scientist and Oxford mathematician Dr. Roger Brooks. Launched in 2001, it was the first inside-to-inside putting trainer to be widely used on tour, and quickly became established as one of the most popular training devices on tours around the world.

Use on Tour

To date, Trueplane has been used by more than 400 tour pros as well as many top coaches. No one is paid to use Trueplane - players and coaches use it because it develops the ideal simple and natural stroke. After getting Trueplane these players have won more than 400 tournaments on the top level tours (and many other events on secondary tours), including 33 wins in Majors - that's more than Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods combined!! Trueplane users have finished top of one the main putting statistics for the year on the PGA Tour or the European Tour (putts per round, putts per GIR, strokes gained) on 21 occasions. They also include three players who have reached number 1 in the world rankings.

Features and benefits

Trueplane is extremely easy to use. Simply place on the floor or on the putting green. Then slide your putter along Trueplane following the red line for the ideal inside-to-inside putter path. Use the black lines on the base or the guide rod for perfect putter face alignment throughout the stroke. The result is a pure stroke, a perfect roll, and holed putts.

With Trueplane you can practice in exactly the same way as many of the world's top players. As the pros have found, using Trueplane can lead to fewer putts, lower scores and many tournament wins.

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Latest product

Uniputt is the newest product from Brooks Golf. It is an easy way to eliminate wrist movement for a more consistent and reliable stroke. It is used by more than 150 tour pros and they have already achieved 6 Major Championship wins, as well as a $10m Fedex Cup win!

The Gadget Show

Uniputt was featured on TV on The Gadget Show on Channel 5. On the show Pollyanna tries out various gadgets to improve her golf and you can watch part of the The Gadget Show episode here (the Uniputt clip is at time 02:50).

Presenters on the show discussing Uniputt:

Jason: "This little baby, however, what is it, 20 quid (£20)?"
Pollyanna: "It is 20 quid. And that has been the one bit of kit I have used pretty much most of the time, it is fantastic."
Jason: "It is simply about not flexing your wrists?"
Pollyanna: "
Absolutely. It is just about keeping contact and not hinging the wrists, therefore you should have a purer putt."
Suzi: "The Uniputt. It just goes to show it's not all about money."

Using Uniputt

The basic way of using Uniputt is to set it up with the ball touching the forearm. Then just maintain the contact throughout the stroke.

Uniputt can be set up against either forearm. This adds variety and different feels to the exercises. Unputt can also be set up with a small gap between the ball and the forearm - the aim here is to maintain the gap.

The feedback from Uniputt will quickly reduce or eliminate wrist movement in the stroke - very important for a solid and repeatable stroke particularly on short putts.

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